About Gillianthechef

Welcome to Gillianthechef: Gastronomical Escapades!

What can I find here?

My main intention for this site is to showcase a selection of recipes which I have enjoyed to cook, coming from the many books which regularly encapsulate my bedroom floor/kitchen table. My honest depictions of said recipes can be found in Test Kitchen.

The variety and combination of cuisines and chefs that I admire should hopefully convey to you, what my love of cooking truly represents. Hey, it may even spur you on to make breakfast/lunch/dinner for someone special (or yourself!).

So..tell us more?

I’ve been enthralled by everything and anything food related from a young age. Some recipes which I have created myself can be found in Recipes.

This isn’t something I’ve merely picked up as a maturing millennial with a liking for filtered photos on my Instagram.  I believe my interest lies in every aspect of this:

  • Dining out (near, far, upmarket and casual)
  • Seasonal cooking (cheaper and superior flavours – always)
  • Recipe experimentation – Domini Kemp, Jamie Oliver, Yotam Ottolenghi.

And you are..?

.. A recent graduate of a bachelors degree in Agricultural Science (majoring in Food & Agribusiness Management), I’m constantly intrigued and enthusiastic of learning more about Ireland’s indigenous agriculture industry.

Seasonal and sustainable food production is of particular importance to me and is obviously hugely relevant to my interests in cooking.

In 2016 I was lucky enough to be an online contributor for The Farmer’s Journal. My articles include what I learnt about corporate sustainability in the beef processing sector.